Back in end of 2017, my brother and I went on a three weeks vacation to Indonesia. During the trip, we stopped by so many places, including Manado, which I wrote a publication on.

Later, we stayed a night and a day in Tangkoko, famous for its National Reserve where you could see a stunning wildlife. The area we were at is Batu Putih Bawah.

Nearby our homestay, there is a small town easily reachable by foot. The opportunity to explore it arose, we spent a good amount of time on the black sand beach, playing with dogs, kids and exchange respectively culture fun facts with local folks.



The weather was a bit moody but the energy on this beach was electric. This kid was so happy to meet with strangers, he immediately started frolic in front of us for photography purposes.





In the meantime, my brother took his mouth organ out and start playing some. This sound was completely new there and the kid has been instantly fascinated by this little piece of metal.




This mouth organ has traveled so much, from France to New Zealand, South Pacific islands and now northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. A meaningful traveler gift offered to the kid from us.




Before we walked back to our homestay, we showed all the kids around different pictures we took earlier: wild animals, landscapes, waterscape, underwater, etc.


My brother and I really hope we could stay a bit longer on that beach with these people. It was a very revitalizing moment that I'm so glad to have taken pictures of.