1. Let's get to know each other!

Going for a shooting with me is like meeting with an old friend you haven't seen for a while, at first. I won't ask you to pose or give me the best of you right away because it's fundamental to establish trust and fun relationship first. Once everybody is at ease, I'll start shooting.

In order to make the best of our collaboration, I strongly recommend you to share about any previous shooting experiences. What was great and what was not so we could align our expectations and boundaries.

The process may be long if you lack of self-confidence but this is okay. The result matters, not the time we spend to get it. I'll ensure to be friendly enough to remind you why we are here.

2. The shooting

A first time is generally planned in a public place to tighten security feeling; then from there, we basically turn our meeting into a very casual photo-walk.

My shooting process is rather very spontaneous as we walk and see things around and as ideas arise, we try things and shoot together. There is no leader in the shooting, this reveals the essence of a successful collaboration.

No specific time limit, I value the quality moment with my models instead of the quantity. By experience, generally not less than one hour and up to a whole afternoon if the project and connection are strong!

According to the type of shooting, we may sign a Model Release Form in order to cover the legal aspect of the delivered photos.

As far as I know, going for a shooting with me is fun, that what my latest models suggest. Being able to combine silliness and conscientiousness makes the best results and a good memory.

3. Debrief'

Once the session is over, we will stay in touch for the post-session feedback and photos, of course! After a first selective sorting, I will send you a contact sheet so you could start picking which pictures you like or dislike.

If you enjoyed the experience, the next shooting sessions could be more straightforward as we meet and shoot: let's get the job done!

Maybe there are some photos you would want printed as gift or even framed. In that case, I can advise you since this is something I've already done very successfully.

Agreed-upon understandings

A few things you must know before reaching out:

  • Model must be legally adult
  • Shooting sessions are exclusive to collaborating parties only (no extra guest, muah, etc.) — I work alone
  • Shooting session starts after a Model Release Form is agreed and signed if needed
  • Extra fees are either yours or shared depending on the project
  • Photo delivery delay may vary according to project
  • Photos are delivered in highest quality and watermark-free
  • No photo transformation is allowed after delivery unless from myself
  • Photos printing is allowed
  • Photos selling is not permitted unless ahead agreement
  • Photos may be published/featured for promotion purposes
  • Any publication must indicate my full name Joris Berthelot and/or a link to my portfolio /

Some of the previous points may be relaxed when working in a collaboration mode.