Kim is a kindergarten friend of mine. I've been knowing her since my very early school years, that's incredible. We basically shared school until when I moved, right before middle school.

She never posed and like she says: I don't pose. That's even better because I'm looking for natural, rather spontaneous. Which she is.

I asked her if she ever wanted to do a shooting with me while I was staying for a short week in southern France. The idea pleased her and then she showed up the next day in the middle of the afternoon for a quick-shooting.
Could we do better spontaneity-wise?

Kim immediately played along with the shooting, like she was a natural-born model.

She is from Cannes, a sun lover, occasional surfer and her style is definitely unique.

I love not-looking portrait photos, just forget about me and be yourself!

Her natural beauty and laugh are so perfect, I wish I had shot more of these expressions.

This shooting was also very spontaneous for me too, it lasted no more than 45 min and, Kim, you gave me some incredible images of you in that pure autumn sunlight.

Keep it up Kim and next time I'll be back in southern France, expect me to inquire you again for another shooting!