I first met Élise during the Swam InstaMeet this summer and it gave us the opportunity to match a face on a nickname. Interesting and fruitful meet up, anyway.


Élise is what I would call a real lady: she is so classy and is ownership of her natural beauty that makes her a very elegant woman. I can't deny it.


After the InstaMeet, we kept in touch and plan a shooting together. It happened after work in a private place as hobby. We played with what was there and just turned the shooting into something fun.


A bit later, when the sun was down, the very spontaneous idea of using candles as lighting sounded as obviously something we were willing to try.
A first slightly blur but very candid.




The candle light really highlights Élise ginger hair and brings a warm lighting onto her face. Stunning!


Thanks Élise for your time and see you around. In the meantime, check out her Instagram.