During my social journey as an Instagram user, I went to another InstaMeet organized by @piclille and @nord_departement. This time, the trip was off to Cassel to visit the Flanders Department Museum.

Immediately upon our arrival onsite we started by visiting the museum. It's a pretty neat piece of local architecture. Please also notice the very specific weather that belongs to northern France...

Inside, local art exhibit including paintings, sculptures, artifacts from the past...

Featuring @mathilde_adriaenssens:

In a room, there was this poster which highlighted specific Flanders house roof style and I had the coolest idea ever: use the outside window light reflection to portrait Mathilde in the frame. It looks like a double-exposure but it's not!

Once we finished the visit, we chilled outside and guess what, it was very chilly!

Around noon, the group headed to the tourism office and we got offered food and drinks (yes, local brewed beer too!). After a decent and convivial lunch, we got some free time to enjoy the village and visit around.

# Cassel

Cassel is the mountain of the area, which means: panoramic view!

The village has a pretty windmill on its summit:

The main square featuring the local French fry vendor (never deserted):

And @hugocentrique8 on the other side:

But, let's look closer to that house:

Okay, that was a bit too close, haha! Moving on...

Let's find out the Cassel facade prettiness.

I like to include a selfie in my photoreports =)

Thank you again for the organization of this cultural event! It's still a pleasure to take part and, please, count me in for the next time!