If you missed the Lille Braderie this year, don't worry! I was there and took the time to grasp the vibe of this great event for you.

I also was to the previous edition (2015—the city cancelled the 2016 edition because of the terrorist attacks), the mayor decided to completely revamp the event with new rules but also to cut down the booth count by half or something.

Yet there was a decent crowd, it was truly nothing compared with the previous edition: I remember, it was sweat and tears to move around: took me something like 20 min to walk 100 m. Ah!

This year was way more fluid and I personally better enjoyed the Braderie even some purists would report this year edition as non-genuine.

Anyway, instead of shopping for things I don't need, I preferred to grab my camera and do a photo reporting.
Are you ready to immerse into the vibes?
Let's go!

Let's get the party started!

Any manga fan?

Once I got bored of mingling with the folks, I checked out the booths in one of the main streets.



At this time of the day, the sun was down enough to flood the city with a beautiful and powerful sunset light.

Thank you Lille for this memorable weekend and 'til next edition!