Traveling has always been part of my DNA but lately, it's been completely locked down because of the global pandemic context.

Anyway, I thought I should spend some time to share with you some pictures of my last trip, to the Caribbean.

I chose to visit the Dominican Republic, a wonderful island shared with Haiti. A very sweet location to rest, enjoy some amazing beach-scape, or get loaded with tasty food...

Well, to be honest, I needed to rest quite a lot so I took it easy. Jumped from a beach to another, did some beach horse riding, or visited the local attractions such as waterfalls, etc.

One thing I really like too is to see how people live. I wander in the streets and sometimes get to meet with them.

These folks were training at becoming firefighters, well, maybe not all of them.

I stayed in Las Terrenas, the most European location in the country, it was such a beautiful place but unfortunately, lots of French tourists and immigrated French as well. I could have dreamed of a better culture immersion, next time!

If you ever wish to go there, I do highly recommend the Hacienda TT, where Matt is an amazing host as much as his B&B.

Birthday beach party: kids playing in the sea while some other folks are drinking, further in the shallow waters.

A great and restful trip right before the world locked down.