Portrait by @itsmarionp

Hey, I'm Joris, a French, Lille based photographer.

I've been more or less an active passion-driven photographer since 2006. During high-school, I was the photographer of the group and my friends often refer to me as the guy who should come [to take photos].

Photography is not a science for me but more an achievement to a quest for seducing captures. I haven't studied photography or art in any kind but I find fascinating how beauty could take any shape and depth in our world.

If there is no style that could really define how I work, I can definitely tell you that I advocate natural and spontaneous kind photography: picture transformation is not my strong point.

Very active on Instagram (@eexit, @bw.eexit) and somewhat on 500px, I encourage you to come back here regularly to check out latest work.

Always seeking for new and interesting collaborations, please make sure to inquire into my services if you are curious and willing to try working with me.

# Behind the portfolio

This is the third version of my portfolio. Almost always home-made from scratch, this one is a self-hosted Ghost platform that I turned into a decent portfolio engine. The theme based on Lanyon is completely custom-made.

This version has a better responsiveness and supports a viewing experience up to Retina 4K.

My previous portfolio and its content is still available but is in read-only.

Icons by Kid A and P.J. Onori.