Photography of Joris Berthelot

Not really considering myself as an artist, I mostly grew up outdoor (yep, I'm fully organic haha!) and got sensibilized to the nature beauty. Fortunately, my eye surgery didn't affect my vision of everyday charm and harmony.

Neither hipped photographer nor a professional, I mostly shoot for fun and sharing good quality pictures with anybody who wants to... If you feel adventurous, don't hesitate to contact me for a casual shooting session.

Real sunlight lover, the people I hang with know much my Look! See how amazing is the sunlight?! while I'm contemplating the light (and it usually comes with a huge regret of not having my camera with me).

You could also find most recent and random selection of my work on 500px or more spontaneously on my Instagram.

Cameras & accessories


Photo by Baptiste Bianciot.
Design inspired from Cargo Collective nonfeed design.
Porfolio self-cooked with Silex and Smak (sources).

Updated on December 29th, 2015.